Stand & Slide

Stand and Slide, 2018
Moon breccia thin section viewed through polarized light, digitally printed on silk chiffon, free-standing wood frame

Stand and Slide is a series of images sourced from the NASA Apollo Mission Library’s collection of over a thousand thin sectioned images of dissected moon rocks collected between 1963 and 1972. Each image printed on translucent silk chiffon is a slice of moon rock viewed using polarized light microscopy. These images show us–on a microscopic level–how earth-like bodies in our solar system were formed. 

The transparency of the prints on silk chiffon shifts in relation to the light and the viewer’s position, varying continually as we orbit around them. The printed image vanishes as quickly as it appears, fading in and out of the space it occupies. Similar to the moons phase or the position of a stars light reaching earth, these pieces appear as fluctuating surfaces that oscillate between presence and absence and contingent objects that shift as a result of what surrounds them.