Forging Her Own Path – Artist Amada Miller

11.14.2018 Interview
by Jasmina Wellinghoff via San Antonio Woman

Top Five: October 20, 2016 with Amada Miller

10.11.2016 Artist Interview
Brandon Zech and guest host artist Amada Miller on houses as art galleries, a Masonic motorcycle gang, and clothes made from leftover painting scraps.



10.20.2016 Video
In this two-part exhibition (FL!GHT’s main gallery and adjacent ‘salon-style’ gallery), Amada Claire Miller explores fiber as painting, presenting large-scale works of hand-dyed and sewn canvas informed by generations of technical knowledge traditionally developed by women.


Artist Amada Claire Miller Strikes the Motherlode with New Solo Show at FL!GHT

10.11.2016 Artist Interview
San Antonio artist and gallerist Amada Claire Miller (Hello Studio) opened her latest solo show, “Motherlode,” at FL!GHT in the Blue Star Arts Complex on October 6. 

By James Courtney | The Current

Part I: Miller Makes Her Mark

10.03.2016 Artist Interview
Hyland O’BrienAmada Claire Miller is participating in a centuries-old dialogue; what is Art and what is Craft? This controversial question has been highly contested by scholars, audiences and artists alike without much resolution.

By Hyland O'Brien | Bluestar

Amada Claire Miller Unveils Minimalist Abstractions and ‘Wearable Paintings’ at FL!GHT

Justin Parr and Ed Saavedra’s beloved indie art space FL!GHT keeps things neighborly this October by hosting fellow Blue Star gallerist Amada Claire Miller’s new solo show “Motherlode.”

By Bryan Rindfuss | The Current

A different Blue Star is taking shape

The Blue Star Art Complex has undergone a transformation as some longtime tenants have moved out and new ones have moved in...

By Elda Silva | Express News