Artist Talk: "Motherlode" by Amada Claire Miller

In this two-part exhibition (FL!GHT's main gallery and adjacent 'salon-style' gallery), Amada Claire Miller explores fiber as painting, presenting large-scale works of hand-dyed and sewn canvas informed by generations of technical knowledge traditionally developed by women. Reminiscent of minimalist paintings — think Ad Reinhardt and Ellsworth Kelly — Miller's quilt-like abstract compositions challenge the assumptions associated with fiber while further blurring the distinctions between craft and art.

For Motherlode, Miller has expanded the scope of her work to include wearable paintings, staged in the secondary gallery, which invite the viewer to transform the exhibition as they navigate the space. Constructed from the leftover scraps of fiber paintings on view in main gallery, these multi-colored textile creations provoke collective participation as the audience becomes integral to the work.

Video shot & edited by Christopher Branca